San Diego – Friday

Highlights. Have I mentioned how much I love Jet Blue airlines? We had a sassy flight attendant, Mr. Personality, who had no trouble saying over the intercom, “Everyone needs to be in their seats and buckled in. Now. That means you, sir.” Hehe.

The flight was uneventful. Jet Blue has free TV on every seat-back, so you get to watch whatever you want. I paid the $5 for the movie. I watched “Baby Mama,” which turned out to be funnier than I expected, although they showed most of the funniest parts in the previews. I give it a 3 out of 5.

San Diego is beautiful at night, a candy city of sparkles and sharp edges, blue neon. I took a hotel shuttle, and arrived at the hotel sometime after 10.

Check-in was a breeze. Rebecca had left me a care package with the front desk. It included snacks, bottled water, sun screen, chapstick and a monogrammed cloth hankie (for tears at the wedding).

I ordered off the room service menu: a $20 hamburger and fries. I wasn't impressed with it, although I did get a teeny tiny bottle of tabasco that was so cute it made my teeth hurt.

One of the things I forgot to pack were my Netflix DVDs. The hotel doesn't have free movies or TV even. You have to pay for everything these days. They get away with it because it's DirectTV, so when you do pay, you get a lot of choice. The cost of a movie was more than I'd pay at a theater in Seattle, but I told myself “You're on vacation, Angel,” just like that, and I ordered up “The X-Files.” It was sweet, in a nostalgic sorta way. The plot was kinda bland, and their blatant insertion of mementos from the old show bugged, but overall, I enjoyed it. I give it a 3 out of 5.

I opened the sliding doors to the balcony and fell asleep with a cool San Diego breeze blowing across me.

The picture is of the San Diego airport as I'm coming out to catch my shuttle.


~ by angelmccoy on October 5, 2008.

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