International Cookbooks … A Plug …

I have a friend who feeds me. She comes from a family of chefs and is an amazing cook herself. For decades, she has taught cooking classes, and she has published 5 wonderful cookbooks.

Her name is Tie, she was born in Indonesia, of Chinese parents, raised in Brazil, and has spent the past thirty years or so in the U.S.

She has written the Delightful Cookbooks series:

She covers the basics of these cuisines in her books, which makes them especially useful to anyone who has eaten it in a restaurant and now wants to learn how to make it at home.

She teaches classes in her home as well, and I highly recommend the classes. Sometimes, they're hands-on, sometimes you just watch, but they're always informative, informal, and entertaining.

And, once you've purchased one of her books or taken one of her classes, she's always happy to have you call her in a panic to find out what you did wrong to make the Phad Thai green, or to ask, “Oh my god, Tie! Fish sauce? That sounds disgusting! Where do I get fish sauce?” She's very open that way.

Tie lives in Seattle, but anyone anywhere can order her books. 😀 And… I'm told she's having a Christmas sale! 😀

I swear by Tie's recipes, and they have never disappointed me. I especially love her Thai cookbook. 😀 I love her and her cooking so much, I volunteered to design and webmaster her site for her. All she had to do was feed me. 😀 Food is love. Every Virgo will tell you so.


~ by angelmccoy on October 17, 2008.

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