Changeling! Twinkle …

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Anyone out there still playing in the Cam? I'm considering joining a local Changeling venue, but want to get opinions on the new Camarilla before I do.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Smacks upside da head?


Ron Howard Has a Message for YOU …

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See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

God Bless America …

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I'm all glowing and happy and feeling like a puppy who just remembered to pee outside.

I voted!

And, I was surprised to discover a euthanasia item on the ballot. Blink! Kinda cool to see issues like that come up among all the items related to traffic flow. Maybe somebody, somewhere, thinks more euthanasias in Washington State will reduce the number of cars on the road. Hm. Probably one of Tim Eyman's ideas.

Dolls …

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Little girls love their baby dolls. Little boys do as well, they're just less likely to admit it in public.

Horrible Sweet Dollies are as lovable as they come and only slightly less creepy than the reborn babies below. The Horrible Sweet Dollie at the right is named Nico. So cute!

Reborn babies attempt to replicate real babies as closely as possible, and even have three pages of galleries of dolls that have been “adopted by new mums.” Now that's creepy!

<i>Guild Wars</i> Halloween on Kotaku …

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The best thing about MMOs is that they are constantly updated, making way for fun, holiday themed events. The best thing about Halloween is the fact that I get to use the word spooktacular, and so I present NCsoft's multi-MMO Halloween Spooktacular of Values! Okay, no actual values, but events are running across all NCsoft massively-multiplayer titles, whether people play them or not. Guild Wars' event kicks off on October 24th with the return of Mad King Thorn, with mini-games, jokes, riddles, and prizes, in what many people have told me is the best MMO-Halloween celebration available. City of Heroes players will be fighting off zombies and collecting classic costumes for badges and trick or treating fun. Tabula Rasa has some quests. Poor Tabula Rasa.

Full article …

More info at the Halloween page.

More Titles behind the Titles …

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Totally hilarious! Check it out. I bet all of you have read at least one of these.

Citizens of Virtue: Patience …

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It's week 2 at the Citizens of Virtue site, and Pastor Bryson is talking about patience.

Be sure you check out the Press Release page to find out the latest news.

More chatter about it here: